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'Great grandmother'

Maren Høj

Portrait of Maren Høj (1861-1952),

32 x 37 cm, charcoal and pencil, 1945,

A few special reproductions have been made of this portrait.

There is also a paintet portrait of Maren Høj. See it here.

Shown in original frame.


Maren Høj

Jacob B.Bull

The Norwegian author Jacob B.Bull

107x88 cm, 1928

This woodcut goes well together with the portrait in Norway and the wood carving.

See the painting here
See the wood carving here


Jacob B.Bull


Book cover

Cover of the book 'Kloge Folk II' by H.P.Hansen

This book tells about old traditions and 'quacks' in western Jutland.
Poul Rytter made this portrait for H.P.Hansen.


Wolle Pæsen, (1874-1964)

The fisherman Ole Pedersen, Vedersø

Japan paper, 38 x 27, 1942



Cat 'washing' herself

From woodcut catalogue cover.

Charlottenborg 1919.