The special Exhibition of Fine Art

" reproduced it for us with the creator's fire "

about Poul Rytter and his works of art at the Strandingsmuseum St.George in Thorsminde was opened on January 11th 2004 and closed on June 30th 2004. By April 4th half of the paintings were exchanged with other paintings on loan from private owners.

Attending the opening were about 275 guests which is considered a great number, and the exhibition was welcomed by everone attending and the press. It was a comprehensive exhibition of graphic art, sculptures and paintings and was possible only by contributions from many owners of Poul Rytter's pieces of art.

We wish to thank Ringkøbing Amt and The Ringkjøbing Landbobank for generous economical support.

The acknowledged Danish artist  Paul Cederdorff  has been the artistic supervisor of the exhibition and had himself done a lot of work for it. He was showing some very fine sculptures of his own in bronze, too.

It was the intention to make the exhibition dynamic by - from time to time - exchanging the shown pieces by other pieces.

It was absolutely an exhibition which was worth while a visit, and as visitors at the same time had access to the great many items from the lost English warship 'St.George' it was an obvious object for anybody looking for a good event.

An obvious object for an excursion.

Take a look at a few photos here.

The exhibition was seen by 13.500 visitors.