Some pictures and paintings from  Rendalen  and Fiskevollen  1926-28
During a visit to Rendalen and Fiskevollen in 2004 we found some interesting photos and paintings from his visits to the places in 1926-28.   These pictures belong to the Wardenær-family who has permitted us to copy them.   Poul Rytter was a very good friend of the Wardenær-family those days.

Poul Rytter painting in front of the log cabin, where Jacob B. Bull lived during their stays at Fiskevollen.

"Sølensjøkongen" -"The King of Sølensjøen" - Reodor Wardenær painted in his house at Fiskevollen.
The portrait is owned by the Wardenær family in Rendalen.

Jacob Breda Bull - painted by Poul Rytter and owned by the Bull Museum

From a log cabin at Åkerådalen, Fiskevollen. This painting has been in the USA
for many years, but is now again back in Rendalen at the owner of the cabin.

Firewood is cut and kife sharpened -
Jacob Bull sharpening, Poul Rytter and Gerda Rytter at the saw.
Fiskevollen 1926.

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Updated on  27.12.2007