Poul Rytter in memoriam

The gale roaring sea, the clouds red like fire
The dunes that give way when gale gusts require.
The stars when reflected by the lake as they may
The dew covered meadows and the scent of the hay.
Your visions were great and reached the horizon,
You were fearless and free, stood by as the best one,
You were unaffected and honest when we went astray
When you rendered it for us in the creator's way.

You loved our land, the land as it stood,
You shared it with us in true brotherhood
And was it in danger and the foe ran it over
You were the first one to take guard and not cover.
As a chief at heart you embraced all of it
You gave it your name, your work and your deed;
For this you will live while the breakers still roll
And the land is reborn in each springtime so bold.

You are not gone, you are part of it all,
You are here as soon as a migrant has called;
In each beam from the sun on the wide open land
in each wave rolling over the beach and the sand
For he who has lived and loved like you did,
aspiring, fighting to reach all of it
with a wing stretch so wide having room for it all
for him there is never: a very last call !

A younger friend

This farewell poem was written by the poet Knud V.Larsen, Vedersø, a few days after Poul Rytter's death in January 1965.

Translated from Danish by Erik Rytter, 2004

Poul Rytter's grave at Husby churchyard