List updated  16.4.2011
Links related to Poul Rytter

Homepage of photographer Tommy Bay -  take a look at his works   here
Homepage of photographer Tommy Bay -  The Poul Rytter exhibition 2011
Homepage of photographer Tommy Bay  -   Poul Rytter related photoes.
Husby community homepage - pages in Danish about present and future Husby
Fine Arts Museum of San Fransisco - two woodcuts may be seen on-line.
Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon - a lot of info about Poul Rytter, his life and productions - in Danish only unfortunately.
The multi artist  Paul M. Cederdorff  attended Poul Rytter's art school in Holstebro.  See his homepage.
The painter  Verner Markussen  received his first artistic inspiration from Poul Rytter and was a friend of him.
Fine Art Masters- Poul Rytter is listed among the masters of Fine Art
The WW2 Eureka beacon at Glarbjerg -- A Danish report about the radio beacon at Poul Rytter's home.
Portrait of Jacob Breda Bull in the museum, Rendalen, Norway
10000 Paintings on the Web- Paintings directory holds international Directory of paintings