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Tim school

Large wall painting in the school in Tim, Jutland. 1956-57.

This is one example of his many large wall paintings in schools. The painting shows a lot of details for the children to talk about.

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Tim skole


53x47 cm, oil on canvas, 1957

This is a rare painting. It is the preliminary work for a large wall painting in the school of Vildbjerg, where his mother came from. He very much wanted to do this job, but it was rejected. Probably the only one ever to be rejected. He felt very sorry about this.

This painting is signed with his 'graphic' signature which is very unusual.




Deer on a table

Painted in his home
87x56 cm, 1938, Oil on canvas


Deer on a table

Bottle and Apples

Painted during the most depressive war time. Notice the dark colors which are typical for the years 1940-45.

Oil on hardboard, 47x38 cm, 1943


Lille klitbillede


Oil on canvas, 49x58 cm, 1937

It is easy to see the difference in colors and light between this pre-war painting and the above war-time painting. Also the post-war 'Shepherd' is very different from the war-time style. The war greatly influensed him.