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Oil on hardboard. 72x75 cm, 1926

This is painted during the summer of 1926 while he stayed with the Norwegian author Jacob B. Bull in Rendalen, Norway. See portrait.

After almost 80 years this room still exists.

Private in Norway

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Akvarel -Frankrig

Dunes at Husby Klit

Dunes at the west coast near Husby in Jutland.

Oil on hardboard, 28x20 cm, 1963


Lille klitbillede


Oil on canvas, 62x76 cm, 1948

The entrance to his garden.



Buste, fruit and jar

Oil on canvas, 87x56 cm, 1951

The sculpture is done by Severin Jacobsen and shows Poul Rytter. At the same time he made a portrait of Severin Jacobsen. See this.