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The images are in low resolution and not always completely true in colors due to the conditions under which the photos were taken.


Oil on canvas, 67x46 cm, 1955

This is a painting of his home, 'Glarbjerg', which he himself designed and built in 1932, and where he lived with his family until they moved into 'Ryttergaarden' in 1960.


Fresco on cement

Dunes in Husby

Dunes at the North Sea coast near Husby in Jutland

Oil on masonite, 117x78 cm, 1943


Jesus Christ

Sea mark at Vedersø

The dunes at the North Sea with the sea mark for Vedersø Klit.

Both these dunes and the sea mark have now been taken by the sea and a new sea mark has been built.

Oil on plywood, 54x63, 1933


Deer on a table

Kr. Kirk's farm

The farm of the fisherman and farmer Kristian Kirk, Vedersø.

Oil on canvas, 80x48 cm, 1946

Unfortunately damaged by moisture